Weekend Trip: Los Angeles, CA

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Happy Monday! These past couple weeks have been super busy! It all started with 4th of July weekend when I got super sick. Long story short: it was the flu. Furthermore, it took so much energy out of me. I’m just starting to get back into my usual routine again.

Because of these setbacks, I put my blog on the back burner. Typically, I don’t go by the book when I get sick. I still workout, I still use up as much energy as before, and I still go about my daily routine. Yet, this flu made it impossible for me to even get out of bed. Food tasted terrible, my fever was high, and frankly, I had no energy at all. The doctor thought it could’ve been mono, but the blood tests came back negative. I’m thankful that my health is somewhat back to normal.

As for my weekend, (I’m sure that is more exciting than my flu haha) I went to LA for BeautyCon! Here are some photos from my weekend!

The sign when I walked into the LA Convention center!
My dress is from Garage! It is super comfy and lightweight. 

Alisha Marie was there! She’s my inspo.

Bonus: On Thursday, I went to the Rascal Flatts concert! They’re one of my favorite bands, and I love their music. 

One of their most popular songs: Bless The Broken Road (I want to play this song at my wedding one day)

Well, that was just a little bit of my weekend! I hope you enjoyed this blog post, and I plan to post more in the future! Have a good day!

Thank you,

Elizabeth Ekman

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