Coffee Talks W/ Elizabeth

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Happy Wednesday! (Side note: I know I’m publishing this a day late) It’s been awhile since I’ve last blogged. You may have already noticed from the title, but I just finished my first week of college! If you want me to post some photos of my dorm room, bedding, etc., I can do a blog post on this later on. I’ve already learned a valuable life lesson in college: free time is a gift. I wanted to call these blog posts “Coffee talks” because I tend to have a small forty minute period in between classes where I just drink coffee, search the web, and plan my schedule. Please enjoy this little debrief on my first week of school! Have a good day!

How’s college?

This question is funny to me because my first response when I moved in a couple weeks ago was “lonely”. I know that sounds a little pessimistic, but it does hold some truth. It’s such a different environment, so it makes sense as to why it seems that way in the beginning. I’m a firm believer that friendships take time to develop. Some of the really good friends I have made over these past few years have grown over the course of time. To summarize, good things take time.

Nevertheless, I have found some really nice people. I’m excited to see how these friendships develop throughout the year!


I probably sound like a total grandma. Correction: I am a total grandma. I’ve been at the library a lot in this past week. I like to complete assignments the day they are given. Perhaps I’m just a stickler with organization and whatnot. My friends would make fun of me in high school because I used to say that I found “Comfort in doing homework.” Honestly, I just like school. I know some people don’t feel that strongly about homework haha, but I personally enjoy it. The moments where I find myself consumed with school work are often the moments where I end up running into someone and chatting for a bit. In some ways, being out of the dorm and working on something forces me to talk with other classmates and acclimate to my environment.

What is the deal with coffee?

Coffee tastes good. I only try to have it a couple times a week.

What school activities do you want to get involved with?

I’m really interested in campus ministry and service. Those two things played a big role for me in high school, and I’d like to continue to explore my interest with them while at college.

A motto I want to push myself to work for:

In high school, I’d always hear the saying: Get comfortable with the uncomfortable. Clearly that is way easier said than done, but I want to try to improve on this. I get intimidated pretty easily, so I tend to shy away from big group settings. It’s somewhat ironic because I consider myself to be an extrovert. Nevertheless, that is my goal for September!

Current Favorite Quote:

Slow down and everything you are chasing will come around and catch you.”

-John De Paola

I hope everyone is doing well! Have a good rest of the week, and I look forward to getting to a regular schedule with these blog posts.

-Elizabeth Ekman