My First Semester At College

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Happy Holidays! I hope everyone has had a good first semester/ quarter! This blog post is a reflection on my first semester in college! Please enjoy!


A question that is often anticipated when first going to college centers around academic readiness. Will I be prepared? Can I be successful? Is college challenging? Honestly, I do not know if I can even fully answer this question just yet. I believe that every semester is different in college (some are better than others). That being said, I do believe I was ready for college. Academics vary depending on subject, and we all have different areas that cater to our strengths. There are resources for every academic subject on every college campus, so this will ultimately help as well. On a personal note, I love school. I love learning and collaborating with others. In other words, my academic goal was to both perform to the best of my ability as well as utilize all my resources in order to ensure that I am truly learning the content. I do not know what to expect for next semester, but I am hopeful that I can learn and grow more as an individual through my academics. I am excited to challenge myself more and work with others.

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While this may sound a little extreme, I went to the gym week days at 6 am. On the bright side though, this was really beneficial in terms of feeling awake and ready to start the day. As many of you know, I lost a significant amount of weight in high school. My goal for college was to maintain this weight and try to also live a healthy lifestyle. Overall, I am happy I stuck to this goal. Exercise is so important for managing stress levels and reflecting. I always call the gym “Me Time” because it is the time I have in my day to be on my own and process all that I hope to accomplish. In my opinion, the gym is a priority not only for my physical health, but also for my mental health.

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I am so thankful for all the wonderful people I have met during my first semester at college. College can be overwhelming at times, but I am thankful that I have friends who are truly there for me. Because of my friends, campus feels more like home.

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I hope everyone has a good holiday season! I hope to have another blog post up soon!

-Elizabeth Ekman