Begin Again

I was walking down the hall— eager to get my laundry in because it was Friday. (Friday is my laundry day). As I made my way to the laundry room in my dorm, I noticed my name had been erased on the whiteboard. Another girl was already putting her laundry in the washer I had claimed. I thought to myself, ugh why is the universe like this? Suppressing my anger, I managed to claim another washer. I hoped that this pattern would not continue for the dryers. Yet, the same thing happened as I attempted to claim a dryer. The same girl who snagged my washer also was taking up several dryers. Instead of completely exploding in this girl’s face, I did the opposite. I complimented her shoes.

Let Me Hear Your Story

This girl and I began to talk a little bit more. I found out she was from my home state and that she was loving college. Plus, she did have super cute shoes. As the conversation soon came to a close, I felt a lot different. I was no longer bitter about the washer situation. Instead, I was able to hear someone’s story. This is what I thrive off of— being there for others. I did not know it in the moment, but I think I realized later on that this is who I want to be for others. I want to be someone who individuals can feel comfortable talking with and sharing with.


Why I Wanted To Write This

I haven’t written on this blog for a long time. Honestly, I have going through a little bit of a rough time. This particular school year has brought on a lot of new challenges. Nevertheless, I have learned so much about myself. I’m thankful for the lessons this semester has brought me. Because of it, I have been able to grow more as a person. I’m always a fan of self-growth, and I truly believe it helps shape me into a more resilient and well-rounded person.

One of my favorite quotes from Brené Brown

Practicing What I Preach

Perhaps there is someone out there who you might have preconceived notions about. I have challenged myself to get to know people on a deeper level these past few months. My opening story might be a little cheesy, but it has helped me to realize that I need to actually practice what I preach. Life is too short to always be making assumptions before seeing the outcome.

I Want To Write More

My goal lately has been to write more on this blog. I have some new ideas that I want to share on this platform, and I hope you enjoy reading these posts. As always, I appreciate the support. It truly means a lot.

-Elizabeth Ekman