Spring Style 2020

Current Favorites For Spring!

High Rise Denim—My favorite jeans are Madewell’s 10 inch high rise (I own way too many pairs haha)

Scarves—I love these for hairstyles!

Patterned Dress/ link to mine below !

White Sneakers

Small Purse (nordstrom rack also has great handbag prices)

Animal Print Everything! I have a couple of printed dresses, but these jeans also make for a super cute spring look!


  1. The WheatandTares

    Love your spring style. I’m not so much an animal print kind of girl, but these all look fun. I absolutely love the scarf!! 😊 … thanks for your recent follow, and as well, I’d like to have posted a note on the previous entry (journal thoughts from Japan), but there wasn’t a place. So, if I may, I’d like to encourage you to keep searching, keep questioning and keep “trying on” the different thoughts and approaches you have. Searching for answers and honestly questioning those things aren’t wrong, and they definitely don’t make you weak nor a heretic. In my relationship with Him through the years, I have found I have more questions than answers, but those questions don’t lead time to more doubts. The opposite seems to be true. The more I ask, the more He gives me to receive. The more I seek, the more He sets before me to find. (Or rather, Matthew 7:7-8 comes alive!😉) Praying you never quite find all you’re looking for until we’re in the other side, but rather, you find a deeper, more intimate relationship with the One who holds those answers. 💕 Blessings.

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    1. elizabethekm

      Aww thank you so much! I really needed this—I have been trying to be open to having more questions than answers. It is hard sometimes though. Thank you, again. I love your blog posts, and they have been a source of spiritual encouragement. 💕

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