A day in my life

Rise and Shine

6:45 am: *alarm buzzes*

7 am: Rise & shine

8:30 am: Breakfast and get ready for the day!

Here are my current beauty favorites:

Online School Begins!

9:30 am: Officially begin online learning

9:30-12pm: Work until lunch! I usually take a walk during lunch.

12:55-5pm: I work on homework until the evening. I also plan for the rest of the week, using my day designer planner—I own the daily outline.

5pm: Cook dinner! I lost over 60 lbs and am on WW (I have been on the program since I was in middle school)—so I try to stay routinely healthy. If you are interested in a blog post about my weight loss journey, let me know in the comments below!

6pm: Jazzercise! Fitness is a must—especially right now. I love the Jazzercise on Demand programs.

7pm: An evening walk!

8-10pm: Blog / Netflix (it just depends on the day)

10pm: Time for bed!

What is your go-to routine? Let me know in the comments below?