the arsonist (a collection of poems)

This project originally began as a way to remember the past eight months. Eventually, through writing, I found a way to come to terms with my pain and come home to myself. Inspired by an undoing, this is the arsonist.

Disclaimer: these works of writing came as a byproduct through several avenues of healing, including therapy. I am also mindful that this might be triggering, so if you have had experiences with relationships pertaining to NPD, please discern prior to reading.

the arsonist: a collection of poems

the arsonist


friday night

late fall


the mirror


early spring


shared pain

to someone i considered a friend

to the woman who saved my life

call it what it is

full moon


waking up


what do i do with all of the love that i have for you?

the things you taught me


do you believe your own lies?

burning buildings

your shadow

joshua tree

thank you to everyone who has supported me during this time, and thank you to Kayla Kim for reading over my work, providing insights/ edits, and for encouraging me to keep writing.


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