Why I Decided To Make A Blog

Here’s the tea

2016: I’ve always been an avid Youtube junkie, and perhaps this is where I first took an interest in both vlogging and blogging. Yet, lately I have found myself in need of things to say. There are so many topics I want to cover, and my friends can vouch for this because I talk quite a bit. Nevertheless, I hope this blog becomes an outlet not only for my own personal thoughts/ use but also for others’ ideas as well. My goal is to post topics regarding lifestyle, beauty, and health. Please enjoy, and I look forward to producing content in the future. Thank you so much!

2020: As I have grown, I have found this blog to be safe space to voice my  lived experiences. This includes conversations about faith, relationships, family, health, etc. I hope this blog can still serve as a place to find my voice.